Affordable ideas that get your South Florida home ready to sell

Florida yard ideas to sell your homeFlorida yard ideas to sell your home

There are several easy and affordable ways to prepare your home for getting ready to list and sell in South Florida. The first thing a home seller should do is a entire yard & landscape analysis. Find out what is the curb appeal of your home. Some may know what this is while others do not, well listed here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Take a step out front of your home and stand in the road and vision what a home buyer will first see. Ask yourself would you really stop by or slow down if you were home shopping or curious.
  • The driveway should be well defined and without any overgrown weeds or planted flowers, bushes or landscape that should have been trimmed down months ( and sometimes years) prior. This is luckily for you a quick and almost free fix. The one thing to remember is brick pavers and  driveways should be easily to separate and distinguish apart from where the driveway starts and the yard does.
  • If you have flower pots or seasonal planted items are they still fresh and full of color. If they are dead, dying or lifeless looking it’s best to spend the little cash and replaces them.
  • Take a look at any mulch that is in your yard. Is the mulch also its appropriate color. This means red mulch is just that=red and not washed and faded. The same goes for black mulch and or any other color mulch. If your mulch looks faded and washed out it is time to replace. The expense also on mulch shouldn’t break the bank for you.
  • The brick pavers should also be laid properly and have no large cracks or disfigurement shape. If you can not walk without tripping or injuring yourself just imagine a car full of real estate agents and their home buyers.
  • This suggestion should be done at night: check that all the exterior lights work at the front door, any gates and garage.
  • Are there any ant or insect mound holes raising from a brick paver or blacktop driveway/ walkway ( this one is really important as a home buyer may worry that a bigger ant or bug issue awaits in other areas of the home).
  • Is all the sprinkler heads working properly and in sequence.
  • If you are a dog owner are all the dog droppings removed in both front and backyards. This is a topic that should be checked daily.

The overall concept is to make a good impression as a home buyer first pulls up and avoid any simple and affordable mistakes. There  may be some home shoppers that won’t want to take a look inside if you miss any of these little steps.

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