Broward County 2013 home prices up 29%

Well the housing market has truly changed tremendously in 2013. This past year we have went from a buyers market to a strong sellers market. Gone are the days of buyers having leverage and beating down sellers. Home prices have continued to edge up and are now at $265,000 based on a county wide average. This number reflects a 29% increase from 2012 and at least for the moment shows no sign of slowing down. With these numbers it is fair to say that home prices will break the $300k threshold in 2014. If you have looked on it already appears that the $265,000 average seems well below as sellers have really took advantage of listing high. This really comes back to if you have thought of selling in the past but have waited you should strongly think about listing now. Call Keith Hasting for a free home evaluation and see if listing now is the right time. Chances are thereĀ is a buyer (or should we say buyers as there have been bidding wars) for your home now!  

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