Wilton Manors Hillbrook Neighborhood

The city of Wilton Manors has become one of the hottest real estate markets in South Florida and finding a deal has become somewhat of a challenge. There is one neighborhood called Hillbrook that is in west Wilton Manors and was mostly built in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. These homes can vary in size and will start at or around 1,700 sq. feet and go up to 2,500 sq. feet and are slightly larger than homes built in the east portion of the city. You can expect a price range usually starting at or around $350,000 to $550,000 with some exceptions. The Hillbrook neighborhood represents an area where there are still some opportunities with finding a home priced under $350,000. Please keep in mind that the homes priced at or below $350,000 will usually sell very quick and their days on the market are much less than other properties. If you want the quickest notifications and viewing before other potential buyers please fill out a “Contact Me” form with this neighborhood (and any others). Please feel free at anytime Wilton Manors realtor Keith Hasting at 305.778.0244 or email keith@keithhasting.com with any questions about the Wilton Manors real estate market.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Fort Lauderdale’s The Landings

Boat lovers and watersports enthusiast that demand the best will always feel at home when living in the Landings. This prestigious neighborhood located in northeast Fort Lauderdale is simply one of the nicest in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market. The location can not be beat as its east of Federal Hwy and south of 62nd Ave and north of Commercial Blvd. The term Fort Lauderdale has become known for "The Venice of America" is based on this very area as it is home to hundreds of breathtaking waterfront canals. With homes that come in many styles such as: Old Florida, Spaniard Villas, Colonial, Modern and Victorian. There is something for every taste in The Landings. You will find smaller homes starting at around 1,800 sq. feet while larger homes can vary widely (3,500-6,000 sq. feet). The price range can start at or around $700,000 and go well into several million for larger and more updated properties. Contact Fort Lauderdale real estate agent Keith Hasting at 305.778.0244 or email keith@keithhasting.com when you are ready to sell or buy in The Landings.

Wilton Manors Almar Estates Neighborhood

The one city in the Broward county that continues to grow and become more fun and sought after is Wilton Manors. And the one neighborhood that remains one of the better values in the Wilton Manors real estate market is Almar Estate. With its outstanding central location being just south of Oakland Park Blvd and west of Dixie Hwy. This neighborhood has the benefit of being within walking distance of Wilton Drive and great places to eat and nightlife. The housing assortment and selection is as varied as its people. With waterfront homes with ocean access as well as tropical landscaped bungalows. With about 101 homes and prices starting at around $300,000 and some that may go for around $560,000 for larger remodeled homes. The majority of houses here were built in the 1950's and 1960's. The smaller homes sizes start around 1,100 sq. feet and larger ones around 2,300 sq. feet. Contact Wilton Manors realtor Keith Hasting at 305.778.0244 or email keith@keithhasting.com and schedule a free, no obligation appointment when you are ready to sell or buy.  

Neighborhood Spotlight: Oakland Park’s Coral Heights

The city of Oakland Park has many great neighborhoods but one that truly stands out above the others is Coral Heights. This gem of a community is situated just east of Federal Hwy and south of Commercial Blvd, west of Dixie Hwy and north of 38th Street. With its prime location in the heart of Oakland Park and close proximity to the beach and great places to eat and dine. The majority of Coral Heights homes were built in the 1950s' and 60's and have a true South Florida feel. There will be a range in sizes of homes with smaller ones that start around 1,300 sq. feet and with larger ones around 2,200 sq. feet of course there will be exceptions. The area is diverse in its population in age and gender make up and most residents take a great level of pride in their homes and it shows. The price ranges for a starter home that may need some work start at or around $285,000 and higher end homes that go into the high $400's and even $500,000 price range. If you are thinking of selling or buying contact Oakland Park resident and realtor Keith Hasting for a free home value and listing consultation by calling 305.778.0244 or email keith@keithhasting.com  

Neighborhood Spotlight: Fort Lauderdale’s Rio Vista

The city of Fort Lauderdale has many great neighborhoods but Rio Vista is one that is even more special.  Rio Vista is situated near downtown Fort Lauderdale and is popular for its charm and tree lined streets. It is bounded by Federal Highway on the west, and the Intracoastal Waterway on the east, south of the New River and north of SE 12th Street. There is a unique blend of architecture and it has some of the more beautiful older homes within the city limits. The growth here came after the close of World War I and Fort Lauderdale only had a little over 2,000 residents. This was an era of prosperity and expansion of the local agriculture industry. Residential community of Rio Vista began to develop as many new residents were attracted to the area as it was lush with beautiful trees and nearby waterways. The neighborhood by 1923 had already laid over 5,000 feet of sidewalks and new streetlights. This expansion continued over the next couple of decades as more people were attracted to the area. Today the Rio Vista area is now one of the most sought after communities as few areas can match its charm. Homes in Rio Vista can vary widely in size and price but a starter home will most likely be around 1,100 sq. feet and cost in the high $300,000's and larger homes can be as big as 4,000+ sq. feet and cost into the million+ range easily.  

Neighborhood Spotlight: Victoria Park

There are always popular and sought after neighborhoods in every city: Atlanta has Ansley Park , Boston has South End, Houston has Montrose, and Fort Lauderdale has Victoria Park. With its amazing location that is just a few blocks from Las Olas, Downtown and five minutes to the beach and The Galleria how can you lose. The big attraction is also the assortment of style of homes: want something "Old Florida" you can find it here, want something "Modern and Trendy in the Miami or Los Angeles style" that's here as well, do you want a "Key West Style" or "New Orleans Style home" you can find it here. Yes Victoria Park has a diverse and unmatched selection of homes. If you are looking for a true walking neighborhood and like top rated restaurants and art galleries Victoria Park delivers. The homes range widely in sizes as small homes can start at or around 1,000 sq. feet and then larger homes can go up to or exceed 3,500 sq. feet. Expect price ranges from the low $500,000's and that go up to $3,500,000 or higher depending on features. Call Fort Lauderdale realtor Keith Hasting for a recent list of active listings at 305.778.0244 or email me at keith@keithhasting.com  - looking to list and sell?> Call for a free no obligation appointment today.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Imperial Point

Greater Fort Lauderdale is full of many neighborhoods and has many options for todays home buyers but one neighborhood is particular really stands out: Imperial Point.  This is one of the most desirable areas to live in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market.  Today there are approximately 1,470 homes with well kept streets and tropical landscapes. Located in the northeast corner of the city ( north of N.E 56th Street, east of N.E. 18th Avenue, and south of McNab Road) and is surrounded by excellent shopping and some of the cities top rated schools. Along with good shopping and schools are a excellent variety of restaurants and two of the regions top rated hospitals. In the last 50 years Imperial Point has always managed to maintain its reputation as being a sought after neighborhood and high on any home shoppers list of places to live. This is a community where neighbors stride to help each other and take pride in where they live. Home sizes can range from smaller ones around 1,300 sq. feet and larger homes around 2,700 sq. feet with a median around 1,900 sq. feet. The prices currently start around $320's and top out at or around  $625,000 range. There are several streets that have canal front properties and these will sell for even higher. There is still opportunity to find a good deal in Imperial Point. Call Fort Lauderdale realtor Keith Hasting when you are ready to sell for a free no obligation appointment and find out what your home is worth.