How Much should you spend on your home to List It?

When it comes time to listing your home there’s always one big question = how much (or how little) should you spend on getting it ready. This particular question can vary widely as some home owners have done a better job on home upkeep than others. Then there are home owners that just have a natural knack for home styling and curb appeal.

The truth is regardless if you are Martha Stewart or not you can most likely get your home looking better with a small budget. Take time and answer the following questions and determine what may need to get things done before listing.

  • Has your home been painted in the last five years and does it still look fresh and clean? Be very honest and straight forward with this question and if you have any doubts ask someone who will tell you like it is (sibling, trusted neighbor, aunt or uncle).
  • Does your flooring look showable and is not warn out in any specific area? Remember moving furniture to cover a bad spot or decoying it doesn’t count.
  • Have you tested all electrical outlets and light switches – keep in mind a home inspection will bring any outlet or switch that doesn’t work to the new home buyers attention.
  • Do all doors work and open properly? Many homes with sliding closet doors tend to be off track and or need fixing.
  • Homes will swimming pools should have the equipment running smoothly. Have you tested the pool pump and all other areas, don’t forget about the pool light.
  • One common area some home owners forget is having their barrel tile roof cleaned. If you drive up and see that this is dirty it will be well worth paying and having this cleaned.

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